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Crises and stress have always been a part of business, but changes in the work environment today are raising the bar when it comes to managing your employees from home . To help support you through this time of crisis, we’re offering our successful art-based experiential training to your company.

In this free and interactive 1-hour webinar , by experiencing the creative process, employees will feel more relaxed and motivated . In addition, they will discover a new form of self-care . Are you in?

What we will do

Get in touch with feelings by creating drawings or paintings

Free the mind from thoughts and stress

Art exercises inspired by the workshop theme

Enjoy the creative experience together with the colleagues


Support the team spirit and morale

Impact directly on your staff’s mental and physical health

Promote culture of wellbeing within your organization

Employee engagement and strengthen your brand reputation

What others say

Creativity empowerment

Be really happy at work

My name is Milena, founder, and name giver to the agency. My mission is to help people and organizations empower themselves through art-making . That’s why I founded my experiential training agency.

I work with corporates addressing wellness programs and art-based workshops using art therapy and coaching techniques. In my training, art-making is the medium through which employees, of all levels and functions, can experience their inner true essence and power . Key factors for self-actualization and happiness , which lead to improved productivity and achieving goals .

For the past 10 years, I worked for companies in the HR Department. Therefore, I know precisely the challenges that HR and Business Leaders constantly have to face on an everyday base with their people. Demotivation, apathy, pressure, low collaboration, bad communication, conflicts, and stress are just few of the aspects that can really affect the workplace and, consequently, the company performances.

On top of that, the current issues add even more challenges to a remote team that deals with daily stress and countless unknowns . Despite all these common people management issues, I believe that everything can be improved and that, for everything, there’s a solution.

My secret dream is that people can be really happy at work . Good that you are here and hopefully help me to fulfill this dream. Make our workers happy.

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If the shoe fits, we’ll set up our interactive 1-hour free webinar defining details about goals, who and how many participants (group of max. 8 persons), basic art supplies required and date.

Get this 1 hour of wellness based on art-making for your team. They will be really grateful to you!

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What others say

“The atmosphere was very positive and open, which really helped to make it a great experience. Definitely, it was a great experience and I would like very much to do it again. Maybe next time I can incorporate something which I learned today about myself. Thank you, Milena!”

Rebecca Miller

Reduce the high cost of job stress

Employee wellbeing counts

Numerous studies show that job stress is one of the major sources of stress for adults and that it has escalated progressively over the past few decades. As well, it has been demonstrated that increased levels of job stress are associated with increased rates of heart attack, hypertension, and other disorders.

Consequently, this means that job stress creates a burden for employers in terms of:

  • increased health care costs
  • sudden long periods of disability
  • unplanned / emergency absences
  • managing employee turnover
  • low levels of productivity.

A cost of 254 euros for every workday lost to illness, resulting in an estimated cost of more than 9 billion euros in lost productivity annually to German employers.

Organizations have started adopting measures like work-from-home, yoga and meditation sessions for the employees for stress relief, and art-making – based on art therapy techniques – can be an effective tool for employee welfare if adopted properly.

Create a wellbeing strategy

Happy people, better results

During the creative process:

  • the mind becomes deeply, intensely attentive
  • the focus on the creative activity helps to temporarily relieve stress
  • art-making distracts and refocuses the mind
  • those negative emotions experienced within the workplace are countered

Art therapy, in fact, encourages creativity and self-expression. Sensations that are generally suppressed in the conventional workplace can emerge. Supporting your management team and your leaders, in recognizing the importance of wellbeing within your organization is the first step to:

  • create a positive and more cohesive environment
  • increasing the levels of productivity and office efficiency in your business
  • improving employee retention and job satisfaction
  • managing and reducing absenteeism

Creating a wellbeing strategy within your company takes more than a single initiative. Instead, it’s about a long-term vision where wellbeing becomes a central part of your company culture. Step by step you can get closer to that vision by taking small actions that can be incredibly beneficial for your employees. And happy people means better results .

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Only 6 companies will get this opportunity.
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Get to experience the benefits of our free online webinar . Be one of the six companies that get this limited opportunity. Alternatively, choose from one of our popular packs or let us build you a customized offer.


How to reduce employees stress with art-making

1 group session
total of 1 hour training


Joy Pack

Art-making and mindfulness for your employees well-being

8 group sessions
total of 12 hours of training


Team Pack

Healing a dysfunctional team through art-making

10 group sessions
total of 15 hours of training


Private Pack

One-on-One sessions can be organized for the same issues

8 1:1 sessions
total of 8 hours of training


How art-making can help

People can be happy at work

My name is Milena and I am a Corporate Art Therapist, Business & Life Coach, and HR Consultant. My mission is to help people and organizations empower themselves through art-making. I think that a positive and healthy environment is crucial for people to express themselves, their ideas, and their values. If their talents are not understood and recognized there won’t be any possibility for the company to benefit and this will be an opportunity lost for both sides.

I’m the right person for you if, like me, you think it is fundamental for leaders to invest in their people’s satisfaction and wellbeing. Their success will be your company’s success!

My secret dream is that people can be really happy at work. My dream is that these same people can also think about their working day without the anxiety that overwhelms them and takes their breath away. It is possible! It is true! This is the new reality. And I strongly believe in this.

What others say

“It was my first time participating in an art therapy workshop so I did not know what to expect. I had a great and interesting time. The relaxation techniques at the beginning really helped to let the stress go from the day and helped to put me into receptive mindset, to open up to my emotions and thoughts. The atmosphere was very positive and open, which really helped to make it a great experience. Thank you, Milena!”

Rebecca Miller

Professional path & passion

Solemn interest in potential

I started my professional career in the HR field in 2007, working in structured and multinational companies (mainly in the industrial and automotive field) where I gained experience in recruiting, training and people development.

My passion for human resources started when I finished my Degree in Economics of Tourism (Italy), where, with my thesis, I explored more the motivational side of people management through incentive travels.

Subsequently, I deepened my knowledge and my interest in human potential, and I attained a:
– Master in Human Resources Management (2006) ;
– Master in Strategic Counseling with Giorgio Nardone founder of the Strategic Therapy Centre of Arezzo, Italy, along with Paul Watzlawick (2008-2009);
– NLP Master Practitioner Degree from the ISNS International Society of Neuro-SemanticsⓇ which his founder is Michael Hall (2016-2017);
– 3-year Art Therapy Certification from Artedo School, Italy (2016- 2019).

In 2013, I made the decision to be in the full power of my potential and I began taking personal development courses, some of them inspired by Louise Hay and her Positive Thinking.

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