The art therapy activities have been a novelty for our company, especially for the way in which they have been carried out: involving all employees, of all departments and levels, mixing people from various departments and also involving people who normally have never been involved in this kind of activities.
The place where it took place was also nice, a very informal dedicated room.

I was struck by how people got involved, even the shyest and reserved. In addition, the works of the various groups were hung to be evaluated and voted in the corridors of the company and this also generated some competition and pride in the group that won.
Milena has shown great autonomy and initiative in the activities, also from an organizational point of view.

I consider this type of approach an innovative formula, which can also be used as team building.

Elena Maier
Head of Human Resources

A unique experience that changed my life. Milena with professionalism and delicacy guided me on a path to discover myself that brought out the best aspects of my personality. When I met Milena for the first time, I had a great confusion inside me, and I found it difficult to relate to others. Today the emotion that most accompanies me is happiness, satisfaction in what I do and the pleasure of being with others. I highly recommend it to all those who want to get to know themselves and feel the need to change their approach to life.

Sabina Filippi

I had the opportunity to participate in an art therapy activity that Milena carried out in my company. The aim was to improve employee involvement in corporate life as well as to encourage better interaction between departments.

She decided on fun painting sessions that allowed her to involve most of the participants in a simple and natural way. The chosen theme focused the participants on our company values.

Personally, I have a beautiful memory of those moments and I believe that the company has shown foresight by investing in an “alternative” activity that has proven extremely effective in achieving its goal.

Milena, with her enthusiasm, her energy, and the smile that never leaves her, has managed to create a relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time one that is dynamic and engaging.

Piero Bosio
Head of Sales & Marketing

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. We were all in a room with a blank sheet of paper in front of us. Milena began to explain what the art therapy activity consisted of. I started to draw, my hand moved firmly on that white sheet, sometimes with more intense strokes, sometimes softer. The hand moved freely almost unaware, alone. In the end, I looked at my drawing and, in that drawing, I saw myself.

Milena then asked each of us to talk about the drawing and, when my turn came, I was embarrassed and hesitant. It would not be about the drawing, but about myself. While I was talking, I was so moved that I could barely speak. In that moment I saw myself, it was a beautiful journey inside me, an inner journey and the result was very positive. Without being presumptuous, I have seen and am the adult I dreamt of as a child and I think this is the most beautiful goal for a person to reach.

I am convinced that art therapy is a wonderful opportunity for people to be able to improve their weak points and focus on their strengths.

Annalisa Marisaldi
Warehouse Supervisor

What others say

When I started working with Milena, I felt overwhelmed by a thousand conflicting thoughts.

I was emotionally very vulnerable. To protect myself, I had created an unlikely shield inside me, which prevented me from listening to myself, from becoming aware of who I am, from appreciating myself, from expressing myself in the best possible way.

Well, all this belongs to the past. I have almost been reborn.

The results are noticeable in both private and professional life. Today with systematic planning and organization, I can carry out most of my activities. I am emotionally more stable, I have learned to think, to evaluate situations well before giving an opinion.

My involvement is always weighted to the existing situation. My approach to communication takes empathy into consideration on a recurring basis. Communicate for a purpose that goes beyond futile pride.

Awareness and acceptance of my qualities/limitations. Acceptance of my responsibilities. I really like the new version of me. I intend to live with it by putting into practice the advices provided by Milena. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Christelle Boyom
Business Development Manager

My experience with the workshop I attended at my previous company had overwhelming positive results. I found my team interacting freely and cooperating with colleagues with whom they had barely spoken for years. I was astonished to see the improved daily business results, because of faster cooperation between departments. They had experienced a mind wellness and relaxing workshop together, very well conducted by the ever fun and playful art therapist Milena. The professional workshop applied art therapy techniques in order to improve people‘s professional environment.

Personally, I got in touch with my creative side and felt attracted to colours. I also explored the company values and interpreted them as simple, because I felt it. This is the key to a successful and relaxing experience: keep it simple, bring back the basics and let your creativity flow. Throughout the workshop, I found myself “de-dramatising” and facing my daily pressure. I recommend it as “ice breaker” and progressive team building in heavy and stressful work environments.

Pedro Teixeira
Head of Logistics & Production

The experience of art therapy was a “magical” moment. An experience that I had never done before, but that has taught me so much. Even if I am a rational person, it is a world that has always fascinated me.

I was immediately at ease although in the midst of many people, some of whom I knew little. Despite everything, I managed to let myself go and get carried away by the emotions that Milena was able to bring out through the art therapy techniques.

Suddenly I found myself with the colors in my hands to express the world I had inside. I believe that art therapy is very useful for companies to get in touch with themselves and consequently with others.

It was a wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone!

Irene Marisaldi
Production Supervisor

What others say

I participated in an art therapy project organized by Milena a few years ago.

Milena managed the “course” always keeping close to all the participants and facilitating some parts that could be difficult for some, pushing us to use the imagination and to operate freely despite the working environment.

It was certainly organized with great care. She mixed people from many functions, so that relationships could be built between simple acquaintances.

Some activities stimulated some introspective thought, art in fact stimulates meditation, not always on a conscious level but always pushing the person to perceive sensations.

Federica Dall’Olio
Sales Administration and Shipping Team Leader

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