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The way you feel matters

Who is it for?

Irrespective of whether you’re a coach, freelancer, entrepreneur, or an employee juggling various roles such as coordination, sales, accounting, customer service, and more, what truly matters is…

If you are someone who feels:

  • Overwhelm: A sense of drowning in tasks, not knowing where to start or how to prioritize.
  • Procrastination: You may know what needs to be done but consistently delay it to days.
  • Low Motivation: You don’t feel like doing things, even if you know what you need to do.
  • Lack of Work-Life Balance: It feels like work takes up too much of your time, and it’s making you tired and less happy in your personal life.
  • Mismanagement of time: Feeling that there are not enough hours in the day, juggling with schedules and meeting deadlines.
  • Decision Fatigue: You get tired from making too many decisions every day, and sometimes you end up making bad choices or avoiding decisions altogether.
  • Distracted Focus: You have a hard time concentrating because of things outside, like social media, colleagues, or noise, or because of things inside like thoughts in your head, daydreaming, or feeling anxious.
  • Challenges with Goal Setting and Achievement: It’s tough to set realistic goals, and even when you do, you often can’t reach them.

Stop Here

You Need Help!

You need guidance to get breaks free from time-sucking habits like procrastination and multitasking.

A productivity coach moves you from overwhelmed to organized.

Yes, It is Possible now…

My mission for you

Who am I?

Meet me. I’m Milena, your go-to partner for dialing in that top-notch efficiency game.

With over five years of experience in the realm of productivity coaching, I’ve dedicated myself to assisting people in enhancing their time management and organizing skills and bringing structure to their lives.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve consistently been recognized for my organizational prowess, adept problem-solving abilities, and capacity to handle various workplace challenges.

Now, as a mother of a two-year-old, I’ve come to realize that these skills are not only crucial for working professionals but for mothers and individuals from all walks of life as well. They are the key to achieving your goals swiftly, efficiently, and practically.

My mission is to guide you through the complexities of tasks, distractions, and deadlines, enabling you to effortlessly achieve your objectives.

Let’s work together to…

Maximize Your Time and Multiply Your Results!

Productivity coaching for your well-balanced lifestyle

What do we do?

Maybe you’re a professional or an entrepreneur who is struggling to get efficient results in your business or wants to maintain a balance in your work-life.

Maybe you’re a mother who wants to be more productive at work so you can spend more time with your kids.

Or maybe you’re a freelancer seeking to streamline your business operations for increased efficiency or aiming to enhance your overall productivity.

Perhaps you’re striving to maximize your workout performance in the gym.

There’s no shortage of examples when it comes to who might want to try productivity coaching.

Whatever the case, productivity coaching is a long-term supplement to a well-balanced lifestyle.

It is not a solution that magically makes things better in a matter of days!

It takes time but delivers life-changing results.

Here is how our coaching looks like:

  • Comprehensive Initial Assessment:

Before diving into coaching, it started with an in-depth consultation to gain insights into your current productivity challenges, goals, and your unique work/life situation.

  • Goal Setting & Strategy Crafting:

Collaborating closely with clients to define clear, actionable goals and craft customized strategies to assist you in achieving them.

  • Regular Coaching Sessions:

12 coaching sessions are tailored to align with your preferences, offering flexibility with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals, and accommodating your choice of in-person, phone, or video conference formats.

  • Accountability Check-Ins:

Consistent support through regular check-ins, whether it’s via email, text messages, or brief phone calls, ensuring you stay on track and make progress toward your objectives.

  • Tailored Productivity Resources:

Customized worksheets, templates, and guides designed specifically for you to boost your productivity.

  • Between-Session Exercises:

They will empower you to explore yourself and implement strategies, habits, and routines aligned with your goals.

  • Work-Life Balance Coaching:

Beyond work productivity, we offer guidance on achieving a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.

  • Mindfulness Practices:

Mindfulness and meditation-based exercises to sharpen your focus and reduce stress.

  • Art Therapy Techniques:

Incorporation of art therapy exercises to help you manage your workload, establish boundaries, and incorporate restorative practices into your routine.

  • Journaling for Mindset and Well-being:

We encourage journaling as a powerful tool to enhance your mindset and overall well-being.

  • Exit Strategy:

As we wrap up our coaching relationship, we’ll collaborate to create a sustainable plan for you to maintain and further your productivity gains independently.

  • Continuous Support:

While my standard program lasts for three months, I remain committed to supporting you until you achieve your goals, even if that extends beyond the program’s duration.

Your success is my priority.

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