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Programs and custom solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

For organizations

We partner with companies and organizations to implement and scale trainings that boost employee engagement through experiential art-making, coaching and mindfulness.

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For individuals

We offer open enrollment programs for individuals and groups around the world for personal or professional development. Through one-on-one experiential sessions we change your personal outlook.

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Are you ready to make your team engaged?

The truth is, employee engagement and workplace happiness go hand-in-hand. If your employees aren’t happy, it’s unlikely that they’re doing their best work – which is why disengaged employees cost organizations billions of dollars each year.

Gallup has estimated that employee disengagement costs the overall US economy as much as $350 billion every year that is at least $2,246 per disengaged employee per each company. The costs generally associated with employee disengagement include:

  • Disengaged employees take more sick days and are tardy more often;
  • Disengaged employees undermine the excellent work their more engaged colleagues accomplish. Constant complaining is a common characteristic of disengaged employees;
  • The decreased productivity of each disengaged employee costs each employer $3,400 to $10,000 in salary, according to Gallup research. Missed deadlines and poor sales results are common characteristics of disengaged employees;
  • Customer complaints often rise with employee disengagement;
  • Disengaged employees create disengaged customers because frustrated workers can’t help but pass on their cynicism and negativity.


Create an engagement strategy

Do you want these results?

According to Gallup’s annual State of the American Workplace report, highly engaged employees lead to:

  • 7% higher productivity,
  • 40% fewer quality incidents,
  • 21% higher profitability.

The power of employee engagement and recognition doesn’t stop here. When compared to companies with low engagement, similar organizations with high levels of engagement experience:

  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 24% lower turnover (high turnover industries)
  • 59% lower turnover (low turnover industries)
  • 70% fewer employee safety incidents
  • 20% higher sales

If these are the results you want, I can help you to make the difference for your employees’ experience and create the workplace environment you wish for!

Here are my services for you.

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Transform employee engagement!

Beyond salary, psychological and social fulfillment can determine which employees are motivated to stay, perform, and contribute to organization success.

Companies that nail employee engagement understand that motivating high performance and aligning talent with business strategy requires getting to the heart of what matters to employees.

And, for your employees what matters is about being included fully as a member of the team, focusing on clear goals, trusted and empowered, receiving regular and constructive feedback, supported in developing new skills, thanked and recognized for achievement.

Driving employee engagement represents an investment in its own right, but if that investment is successful in improving employee loyalty and retention, it can be translated into a return on the businesses’ long-term output, efficiency, and profitability.

Are you in?

For organizations


  • Intro meeting to discuss requirements
  • 2-6 months program = 90-min sessions, 1 session per week
  • Done through Zoom video call
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss outcomes


  • Intro meeting to discuss requirements
  • 2-6 months program = 120-min sessions, 1 session per week
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss outcomes

With this art-based program and I help you and your team to:

  • Assess the Engagement – Definition of the starting point to understand what to work on and what to value.
  • Dare to Imagine – Sharing a common vision as a foundation for your future reality.
  • Create your Action Plan – Identification of the new actions to put in place for the change you desire.
  • Experience the Change – Application of new behaviors and beliefs to experience the new.
  • Evolve – Consolidation of the progress made and planning for your future.

The creative engagement based on my method:

  • helps to create a space of self-expression where people can enjoy, have fun, know each other and distress;
  • facilitates interaction, communication, and relation;
  • supports to find new ways of working together in a healthy way.

Implementing this path in your engagement strategy means affirming that your staff happiness is a top priority for you and your organisation.

In this program, I apply art therapy, coaching, and mindfulness techniques.

It comprises art exercises, moments of verbalization, individual and group work, reflection questions, and a final report about the team activity.

The program is interactive, experiential, and can be personalized according to your needs.

The Joy Pack is a perfect program for any team challenged by disengagement, wanting to achieve higher levels of resilience, creativity, and productivity, or for those who are facing challenges.

The sessions are in English and Italian.


One-on-One sessions can be organized for the same issues. Do you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Or does anyone within your organization feels drained physically and emotionally?
Or is there a team member with dysfunctional behaviors who needs to change it into a more positive attitude?

I use art therapy, coaching, and mindfulness techniques also with an individual approach.

This program is tailored to your needs and issues within your organization.

For individuals


  • Intro meeting to discuss requirements
  • 2 months program = 8 x 60-min sessions, 1 session per week
  • Face to face or via zoom
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss outcomes

It explores emotional intelligence through active artmaking and mindfulness for:

  • inspiring a sense of well-being
  • relieving stress and preventing burnout
  • releasing emotions and managing behaviors
  • fostering self-awareness and self-esteem.

This program helps to make choices more easily, and become more resilient, creative, and productive.

This inevitably leads to more effective, successful, and fulfilling lives.

The sessions are available in English and Italian.

Are you ready to make your team happy? In this free and interactive 1-hour webinar, by experiencing the creative process, employees will feel more relaxed and motivated. In addition, they will discover a new form of self-care. Are you in? Getting started has never been so simple.

Book a no-pressure call so we can chat about your needs and see if we’re a good fit for each other. If the shoe fits, we’ll set up our interactive 1-hour free webinar defining details about goals, who and how many participants, basic art supplies required, and date.

For teams


The webinar is free and takes up a maximum of one hour. It will help you and your team discover a new form of self-care.

It explores emotional intelligence through active artmaking and mindfulness for:

  • inspiring a sense of well-being
  • relieving stress and releasing emotions
  • fostering self-awareness and self-expression
  • improve group dynamics

Get this 1 hour of wellness based on art-making for your team. They will be really grateful to you!

The sessions are available in English and Italian.

Let’s work together

Get to experience the benefits of our free online webinar .
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Alternatively, choose from one of our popular online packs or
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The services are also offered face-to-face.


How to reduce employees stress with art-making

1 online group session
total of 1 hour training


Joy Pack

Art-making and mindfulness for your employee engagement

8 online group sessions
total of 12 hours of training


Private Pack

One-on-One sessions can be organized for the same issues

8 online 1:1 sessions
total of 8 hours of training


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Make your team happy in these distressed times.
Let’s chat and make a better world together.